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Union Coaches Corner


Coaches Meeting Info
*Complete Safe Sport recertification (10 min process)
*Upload certificate into Affinity/Sports Connect
*Complete background check
*Once cleared, contact team - Rosters on Affiniity
*Team communications app - See tab below
*Equipment will be brought to & from field by each individual
*Practices will need to follow strict Washington Youth Soccer Return to play guidelines
*Fall Academy will take place, regardless of outcome of game play.

**More info on above topics available by clicking the tabs above


9/2/2020 Message to Union Coaches

This message was sent out to all Union Coaches. If you did not get this email please reach out to our Registrar.

From: RSA DOC <>
Date: 9/1/20 4:04 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: psu coaching training.

Good Afternoon everyone,

First of all I would like to thank all of the PSU coaches who have come and attended the mandatory return to play training sessions. It is very critical for the returning PSU coaches to attend these sessions.  If the coaches do not attend they will NOT be able to train their teams starting in the next couple of weeks. RSA has the opportunity to rent Heritage Parks and Recreation for our Elite soccer and the Recreation soccer but it has come with some STRICT rules and guidelines, if these rules are not followed the training field permits will be revoked at the first offense committed and will be suspended for minimum 1 month. A very strict curriculum has been put into place provided by RSA-PSU faculty and will be followed to keep our young athletes training. There are only 3 chances left to get to the fields on Mondays and Wednesdays,observe and ask the questions needed to train. The training curriculum went through severe scrutiny through the Heritage Parks and Recreation staff  and with long hours going over the possible risks and liability RSA-PSU were approved to train. Coaches must be educated on how to bring athletes on the field, off the to manage your parents proper social distancing and most important how to train using the  following guidelines. Coaches that do not follow these terms will be asked to leave and will be on suspension until further notice. one mistake will ruin it for all players,staff and coaches. Look forward to seeing all of you and catching everyone up to speed in these unfortunate and trying times. Stay safe and healthy! 

Director of Coaching
Joe Lumsden 

Thank you for coaching!!

RSA Union is run by volunteers. Those that are interested in Coaching, Managing or helping out in any way please register through the following link - RSA Union Registration

Bryan  Ross

Bryan Ross

RSA Union Recreational Coordinator

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