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Off the Post Issue 1

By DOC Gwynne Williams, 10/01/18, 10:06PM PDT



October 2018- 1 st Addition

RSA’s Own Monthly Newsletter


This is the first edition of “OFF THE POST” RSA’s new monthly newsletter.

We all get busy and it’s hard to keep up with your son or daughters team let alone the

sport as a whole. We hope “OFF THE POST” will capture points of interest and good video to educate you in a bid to make the playing experience of your child better.

I will simply write a brief overview of the article or video and if it sparks your interest to

know more on the subject, just click on the link to read the full article or watch the video.

Maybe you’ll want to read all we offer, its up to you.

Your feedback and criticism will be gratefully received. Maybe you could suggest a topic that you would like to know more about. If you do nothing else please click the “YouTube” link below and watch this short video.

Thank you,

Gwynne Williams—Director of Soccer


Phone 561.512.9713


The initial offerings are as follows:

Video - This must see TED Talk from Soccer Coach and Author John O’Sullivan.

If you do nothing else watch this video.


News from the President Gillian Johnson

President Gillian Johnson gives you a “State of the Club” address from her perspective.



“Meet our Technical Director – Gordon Hill” (READ MORE)


“Our Daughter’s Journey To RSA Elite”

Read one fathers assessment of his daughter’s soccer experience to date. (READ MORE)


“Please Do Not Blame The Referee” by Gwynne Williams

Competitive soccer has to have referees. We cannot play without them. Yet they are

being driven from the game in record numbers. Let me highlight some of the realities and help you better serve your child in your approach to officials. (READ MORE)


“Sideline Etiquette For Parents”

Good advice from United States Youth Soccer Association. (READ MORE)


“Navigating The Maze Of Youth Soccer” by Gwynne Williams

Let me tell you a little bit about the “soccer maze” that you and your child have entered. Here I try to educate the parents to better support their soccer-playing child. Know what you’ve got into, it might save you and your child heartache and lots of money.



Video: Who’s The Best Ronaldo Or Messi?

A light-hearted examination to answer the question of which one is the best.


The Doctor’s Corner - Frequently Asked Concussion Questions

Each month we will offer medical advise from doctors’ or medical professionals. This

month Dr. Robert Steele MD, MBA, FACEP from I-Care Urgent Care in Murrieta,

California sheds light on the topic of concussions. This subject is very topical in youth

sports and rightly so. Know the signs and knowing what to do is vital for your child’s

welfare. This is an article that I used at my last club and is reproduced for your benefit.

Thank you Dr. Steele for supporting our mission in soccer. (READ MORE)


Stop Press!

The Board of Directors, Coaches and Staff invite you to attend our second “All Club


This year’s meeting takes place at the Rogers High School Auditorium on Thursday

October 4 th at 7.00pm.

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