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RTP - Letter to Parents

By RSA President, 09/28/20, 9:00AM PDT


Greetings RSA Families!!

    Thank you for joining us for another year of soccer. This season has been a crazy one. Since March there has been a lot of change. You aren’t going to like all of it but it’s necessary for us to be able to be back on the fields. School fields are closed, many City Parks are closed But Heritage is open. There is a reason for that. 


In order for us to return to play Heritage Recreation Park and RSA had to work together to promise the State of Washington that we would follow very specific guidelines. These are what I like to refer to as the NON-Negotiables. In order for Heritage to stay open….In order for us to be able to use their fields this is what we have to do. 


Here is a bullet point of the basics and then I will explain in more detail below. 


  • ATHLETE HEALTH CHECK before training: Parents are required to perform health checks at home. If your child is ill, has a fever, cough, fatigue.  They must stay home. 

  • Drop off/Pick up: The Parent and Athlete must remain in their vehicle until the Coach has alerted you to either COME to the field to drop off or that the Training Session has Ended and you need to COME to the field to pick up. 

  • ATHLETE REQUIREMENTS: A face covering is required when exiting the vehicle till upon entering your training space. And again, upon leaving your training space till you enter your vehicle. You must bring ALL of your own gear (ball, water and hand sanitizer) and make sure that you and your bag are keeping the appropriate distance from anyone else.  

  • Field Access: Only Coaches and Athletes are allowed on the field. Team Managers and RSA Staff may have minimal access. 

  • Sanitizing: Hands are to be sanitized and training gear is to be washed after every session. 

  • Parents: Can not be on the field, gather or stand at any fencing. You are welcome to walk the park. 

  • Any one being discourteous to RSA Staff, RSA Support or Park staff will be suspended or possibly dismissed from the club. 


Health Checks

Check your temperature before each training session and anyone with a temp over 100.0 must stay home. If your child is coughing or sneezing they must also stay home. 



All Athletes will enter their practice space on the far side. We are going to be blocking off some parking spaces to allow additional room for you to social distance when dropping off and picking up your athletes. 

YOU CAN NOT GATHER ANYWHERE ON THE SIDEWALK OR STAND AT THE FENCE. This is not ideal, but it's the way of it. You are welcome to walk the park. Be mindful of the time and ensure that whomever is picking up your Athlete that the Coach has them on the text alert. 


Procedure for Entering and Exiting the fields. 

  • Athletes must have face coverings on


  • Upon entering: Coaches will Alert Parents to release their kids from the vehicle. Coaches will meet the team at the Gate, line them up and walk them to their field. 

  • Upon Exiting: Coach will alert Parents the kids are leaving the field. Walk the team to the gate and ensure all kids are safely back with their parents. 


Field C  

ENTER: gate located closest to 94th Ave E/Round a bout.

EXIT through the gate in the middle of B & C


Field B

ENTER: Gate located between A & B (Be mindful of neighbors on field A, Wait your turn)

EXIT: Gate located between B & C


This will allow for more space to ensure proper social distancing during pick up and drop off.


Athletes with Medical Concerns:


Since Parents can not be on the fields or stationary on the sidewalks a plan needs to be created between yourself and the Coach. 



There is a handicap portable restroom located to the side of Field A. This is quite a distance from Fields B and C depending on the age of your Athletes. Make sure they use the restroom before entering the fields. 



Team Managers are volunteers. They work with the Coaches to help alleviate some of the admin duties. They are required to have passed a background check before assisting with the teams.  



All of our Coaches are volunteers and have passed a background check. 

During training days their focus is on the athletes. If you have a question or concern please address the Coach either by email or by phone call at a time other than when your kids are training. Many of our Coaches have two teams. While I agree your child is important I need to remind you that the Coach has a limited time on the field and distracting them from that task takes away from the kids. Because we can not gather at the park there is no way to have a conversation on site with a group.

Coaches have also been instructed to establish Zoom calls to keep Parents informed of what is happening with the team. 


If you have a question or would like additional information about something please email me with your Teams info, and your child's birth year so that I can better address it for you. 


As it stands there is a chance that games could be starting as soon as Mid to Late October. Uniform kits are on order. While I can not predict any better than you what is to come I can say that we are all truly blessed and I am thankful for each and every one of you. Our team is special. Thank you for being a part of the RSA Family. 







RSA President.


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