Uniforms for U6 - Micro uniforms are sponsored by Chick-Fil-A. Each player will receive a White and Black Jersey. Will be handed out at practice. 

Uniforms for U7-U10 teams, birth years 2010-2015 will include 2 different color uniform tops.  These will be ordered by the club and handed out to coaches 9/4 at Dick's Sporting Goods 6:30-8pm. 

U11 and older-
Coaches - Please complete the following worksheet with players from your roster. Please double check Affinity for all players.

Here is the link - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n3h-px7tD_JubKabqXOZ9AqHqeI-hnZhaWDhkF9Wd0E/edit#gid=0 
(copy & paste if link doesn't work) 

2 options available for ordering - Teams have 2 options for uniforms to be ordered by each player through soccer.com or through Eagle Ink, to match what the team already has.  It is totally acceptable for teams to have slightly different designed top as long as the color is the same.   
Option 1 - Suggested if ordering after Aug 23rd.
If you have uniforms from last year and most still fit the players, you can order through Eagle Ink to match what the team already has. This option can be ordered as a whole team by sending the spreadsheet directly to eagleinksp@yahoo.com Each Player is responsible for paying for their own order. This option can be picked up locally.

Option 2 Uniforms can also be ordered through soccer.com as RSA has a contract with them through this year. Please send the spreadsheet of players with parent email and their jersey numbers to uniforms@rsasoccer.org. Please return to her ASAP if this is the option you prefer. Once she receives the spreadsheet, she has to enter each player info in their system and then players will receive a link to order jersey with their jersey #.  Each Player is responsible for paying for their own order. This requires parents to act quickly as well. Please be be aware this is time sensitive as shipping time will need to be accounted for.  You should also know there were some back orders on previous bulk order.

Any other questions, please email uniforms@rsasoccer.org to help guide you in the right direction.