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Rainier Soccer Alliance is a Washington registered non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the development of youth soccer.  Rainier Soccer Alliance, (Puyallup Soccer Union & RSA Elite) have been working with youth soccer players for over 40 years in Puyallup and the surrounding communities. Our program consists of Recreational U6-U19 (RSA Union), and Competitive (RSA Elite) teams. 

Introducing RSA's Juggling Club

The best part about juggling is that you can do it almost anywhere and all it takes is YOU and YOUR BALL!!
#socialdistancing #doingourpart

What is Juggling?
Juggling is the act of keeping the ball off the ground. For soccer players, this means using any part of your body (laces, thigh, chest and head) to maintain control of the ball in the air without using your HANDS!! If you haven't juggled before, try the following: Hold the ball out in front of yourself. Now, drop the ball onto either your laces or thigh, and knock it back into your hands. Once you get a feel for this, try to do it two or three times in a row without using your hands!

Juggling can significantly improve your game in many different ways, builds muscle memory and will keep your heart rate up. Your touch on the ball is vital to the game of soccer. If you can juggle the ball consistently, you are more likely to be consistent when receiving and distributing the ball in games. It's a great way for you to learn how the ball reacts to different touches and surfaces. Juggling can also improve your confidence on the ball - not to mention, it is fun!!!


This is what you do-
Start juggling!!

  1. Count your juggles. Post it to social media with a #wearersaelite and #rsajuggleclub

  2. Email either a link to your video or the video to In the subject list: Coach and Team Name, your name, your age and the number of juggles to earn your bracelet.

20 - Black
40 - Blue
50 - Yellow
75 - Lime
100 - Pink
150 - White
200 - Gray
250 - Gold

*Bracelets avail while supplies last. Open to all RSA players.

Check out this video online which breaks down the best way to start and gives you some tips.
** Please note that RSA doesn’t own the rights to this video and it is being shared for educational purposes only.

Wishing you all the best during the coming weeks,

Your RSA Board,
Chrissy, Ali, Katie and Chris

COVID19 Concerns & Updates

COVID19 Updates-
US Youth Soccer has set a May 1st return to play date.  This date will be re-assessed on April 15th.  

NPSL and SSUL Spring Select season has been suspended.  The remainder of the spring season will be cancelled. 

For the time being, please stay healthy and safe!

Here are some basic rules to help you and your family stay safe:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (at least 30 seconds).
  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes or nose with your hands.
  • Clean or disinfect all areas of your training area after every use.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizers in addition to frequent hand-washing. Carry small bottles of alcoholic disinfectant to use when hand-washing facilities are unavailable.
  • During camps, training and tournaments, maintaining hygiene is extremely important. Clothes should be washed after workouts.
  • Support your immune system with a varied, vitamin-rich diet with sufficient vegetables and fruit to help prevent infections. Fruit containing vitamin C, such as oranges or grapefruits, are particularly important.
  • Keep hydrated and drink enough to keep mucous membranes moist.
  • If an athlete, coach or staff member has symptoms such as coughing, fever or general malaise, they should contact their physician, should NOT attend practice and should consider self-isolation until evaluated by medical personnel.

More info can be found on the Washington Youth Soccer website. 
Here is the link -

Recreational Registration 

Registration for 2020 will open April 1st
Any questions please email

Players and Coaches can register through the following link - 
Click the following Registration Link to register-

2020/21 RSA Elite Tryouts
Coming April & May - Dates TBD

Heritage Recreation Center
9010 128th St E, Puyallup, WA 98373
Click Here to register for Tryouts


Thank you to everyone who came out. It is our hope that you enjoyed it just as much as we did. Please stay tuned for our next session coming Soon April 2020

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